Error “No input file specified”

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I am using Windows 2000 Professional with service pack, I am creating a website with PHP capabilities but I keep on seeing the following error "No input file specified” when trying to view a PHP page through my browser. This only occurs with my website any other PHP site appears to be ok.  What should I do? Thanks in advance

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Error “No input file specified”




The error "No input file specified" occurs due to various reasons and all have their solutions to fix. In general PHP-CGI daemon is unable to find your .php file. Hence it is unable to execute your .php file using script_filename. The following might be the reasons for this scenario

1. The .php file might not exist. This might be a chance because the when Nginx checks for existence of .php extension in URL, but does not check for the existence of exact file. Hence it finds the .php extension in URL and process the request. Once the request is processed, then only it finds that the file does not exist and throws the error.

2. The configurations in the configuration file might not be set correctly. The SCRIPT_FILENAME variable might have not been set. This variable is used by PHP-CGI daemon.

3. If PHP is run as CGI, this error might also occur if alias is used in http.conf file of IIS management console and a doc_root in php.ini file. Try changing doc_root = "". in order to make these changes go to Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Internet Information Services(IIS) Manager

4. Incorrect permissions might be one of the reasons. Hence read permissions should be given to the root folder and the subfolders and there by the exact file. Otherwise it might end up in No input file error specified by you.

– Charle Faru

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