Error message when starting Microsoft Excel

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I have recently installed Microsoft Excel 2003 on Ubuntu Linux using wine package.

Every time I start Excel I have an error message about network connection that disappears when I click 'OK '.

Anything wrong with my installation?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Erreur d'acces de fichier. La connexion reseau a peut-etre ete perdue.

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Error message when starting Microsoft Excel



I think you are using a version of Microsoft Office which is not a full version. Full version of Microsoft Windows does not create this type of problem. Try to collect a DVD of Microsoft Office 2010 and install from there because it has full version of Microsoft Office 2010.

If you have that installation CD or backup software in your hard drive, then use it to repair Microsoft Excel. Click on setup.exe and use add or repair option. You can repair Microsoft Excel or remove it and then add it again.

If you have virus then remove it first. There is another reason that may be your computer is corrupted with a virus. So you need to use an updated Antivirus and scan you computer. After you are done with it, then use installation CD/DVD to repair Microsoft Office.   

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