Error with installing the update Mountain Lion on MAC

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I have bought the update Mountain Lion for my MAC but it seems like I can’t install it. I can’t find the file in the folder where was downloaded from iTunes. Now I am worried that I might lose some money on the update. Is there a way to install the update on my system? What are the chances to make a mistake with this? Thank you!

You can’t open the application Install OS X Mountain Lion because it may be damaged or incomplete.


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Error with installing the update Mountain Lion on MAC


So you are thinking that since the file you downloaded to upgrade your operating system to Mountain Lion is kind of incomplete or damaged, Apple might ask you again to purchase the next copy you will be downloading because your previous download attempt didn’t work out. I think you are thinking on the wrong side and that’s not the way I figure it out though I’m not using a Mac.

I’ve been familiar with the Mac OS X because of the questions I’ve encountered before. I’ve not only learn how the operating system looks like and how it works but with the manner you purchase items from the Apple App Store. As what I recall, when a user purchases something from the Mac App Store, that file will be stored in your account forever and you can download it again and again for as long as you like.

The idea is, why pay for it again if I want to download it if I already paid for it before. But since it is no ordinary application you will be purchasing from the Mac App Store, it probably would be different since it is an operating system you will be having.

I don’t know with older or newer versions of Mac OS X but with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you can download and install it just like an app for as many times as you like and on as many computers as you like. That’s the major advantage of having Mountain Lion for just $20 unlike Microsoft Windows which is like three times or four times its price.

The only disadvantage of this is that in case you install it on two computers and the other computer has a different Apple ID, you need to purchase another copy of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. But even if this is true, there is a workaround on this so you won’t be paying for the next copy. To do this, go to the Mac PC you want to upgrade to Mountain, open System Preferences, and select “Users & Groups”.

Create a new user by clicking on the plus sign [+] and create an administrator account. Now, switch users and login using this new account. Once logged in, open the Mac App Store and login using the Apple ID you used when you purchased Mountain Lion. Next, download Mountain Lion and install it on the Mac PC.

Once the operating system has been upgraded to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, delete the new user account you just created. And that’s it.

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