Error in installation of Windows 7 on Notebook

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I have been facing problem in clean installing windows on my notebook.  Actually some months ago, I installed windows 7 ultimate 32-bit on it. It worked perfect at that time but after some time, it began to restart repeatedly. It was so annoying. I even tried to clean and re-install the windows but failed to do so and it shows me error saying 0x80070057 and cannot install on the partition.  I even tried disk part method to resolve the issue but again was failed in doing so. I really need your nice suggestions in the matter as I am really worried about it and want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Error in installation of Windows 7 on Notebook



I have had this issue as well, my solution to it is: 

Go back to the first screen (of the Win7 install) and go to the repair section, let it try and repair, then get to the Command Prompt. 

Once in the Command Prompt, run DISKPART 
Then type in each line below and press enter after each command. You'll have to wait for the format, it will take a while. 


SELECT DISK # (where # is the corresponding disk number that you want to install Windows onto from the list you just pulled up) 










That will take you back to the initial screen, then run the setup from there. Do not try to change the partitions or reformat, when it asks what disk you want to install 7 onto, just select the disk and press next. 

Hope this helps!

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Error in installation of Windows 7 on Notebook


This error is usually caused by a bad sector located at the very end of volume that you are trying to installing the operate system to. The following procedure will help you resolve that issue:

  • You will need to run check disk to check the hard drive.
  • And then you will need to insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot the computer.
  • When you are asked to press a key to boot from the DVD, you will need to press Enter or the space bar.
  • And then you will click "Next" and click "Repair your computer".
  • You will then highlight "Windows 7" and click "Next".
  • You will then locate the In the dialog box that is named "System Recovery Options", and then you will click "Command Prompt" and type in the following commands; ensure that after every command you press enter.



  • You will need to replace "C:" with the actual drive letter of the system drive on which Windows 7 is stored.
  • The error that is causing the problem will be detected and removed.

-Clair Charles


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