Error HTTP 5000 when going to scoreboards

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Why do I receive an error in my favorites? Sometimes they work, then the next time that I treat of not.

On 'Going to scoreboards' I see an error message. ‘’ Error HTTP 5000.’’
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Internal error of the servant? Is web site in maintenance? This has been happening during a pair of weeks. ERROR HTTP 500 ‘’


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Error HTTP 5000 when going to scoreboards


Hi Gregory,

It has to be with your web server operator.
Possible reason on the server in rejecting the request to connect is that the server has a ton of connected or connecting to the server, or the server is facing a problem error.
This can only be fixed by the server.
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Error HTTP 5000 when going to scoreboards



Hi there Gregory Swisher,
The Error HTTP 5000 is the internal server error and most likely has nothing to do with you. Short explanation of it would be that connection to the server that is hosting the webpage you're trying to visit cannot be established. This can happen due to many different reasons, from succeeding bandwidth limit, blacklisted IP, server downtime or, most likely just some temporary connection problems.
What you can do is to try visiting those sites from the different computer using another IP and check if you'll be able to access them like that. If not, the problem is not in you. If yes, you may want to contact the webpage administrator to help you in resolving the issue.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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