An error has occurred while Intensity Pro was being upgraded

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Hi there,

During the installation of Intensity Pro I was asked if I want to make an upgrade of firmware. I thought that may be a good thing so I have accepted. The upgrade and installation begun, but it failed after a short time. Now if I run a new install it fails again and it fails every time I want to install. Does anyone know what happened and how can I install it properly ? Is the new firmware not compatible with Windows 7 ?

Thank you !

An error has occurred that has prevented the firmware on your

Intensity Pro from being upgraded. Try restarting your computer and upgrading the firmware again.

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An error has occurred while Intensity Pro was being upgraded


Windows 8 is a great OS, no doubt. But it has got some serious bug with drivers. It controls drivers too strictly that doesn’t allow to install some drivers sometimes. So you can’t install the latest firmware though it is more compatible.

So there is no other way than reverting back to Windows 7. You can’t install the firmware upgrade.

If you can complete the installation process without this upgrade, will be better.

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