Error Dependency is not satisfiable

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I installed Gnome desktop and a lot of games came with it and uninstalled the games to get back the chess game. I get this weird error message when I try to download the deb file and install it in Gdebi. It all happened under the Linux Operating System. Should I need to make changes in repositories? Please help me with a proper solution so that I may continue my work. Thanks to assist me.

Dependency is not satisfiable

Package Installer – Google –chrome-stable

Package: Google –chrome-stable

Status: Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: llbudev0 (>=147)

Version: Chrome Linux Team ‹[email protected]

Priority: optional

Section          : web

Size:             159356 KiB

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Error Dependency is not satisfiable



It seems like you are using Ubuntu. Whenever you choose to install the Chrome, there is an embedded Flash plug-in. Some dependency errors are surely expected. Always try installing any software or update only from Ubuntu software center.

For Flash you can run the command: "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree". In your case run any one of the bellow commands for different chess games: 

 sudo apt-get install xboard  

 sudo aptitude install brutalchess  

In fact Chrome has already fixed the dependency issues.

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