Error on ArcGSI Desktop Application

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Error on ArcGSI Desktop encountered a serious error and unable to continue

  • What should i do to avoid this error?
  • What do i need to continue this ArcGSI Desktop?
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Error on ArcGSI Desktop Application


Maybe your ArcMap installation is corrupted. Corrupted installation might cause by installing third party software. So for you to fix this one, you need to repair it using MXD Doctor. You can find it in DeveloperKitTools folder. Some or common way to fix corrupted ArcMap is to delete the Normal template. Aside from deleting the normal template you can rename it to so that ArcMap recreate it for you. You can find it here C:Documents and Settings\Application DataESRIArcMapTemplatesNormal.mxt. You can also delete somekeys to your registry to solve this problem but that is dangerous so I recommend this solution which is easy to do.

Good luck.

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Error on ArcGSI Desktop Application


This error is somewhat similar to the usual errors I see on Microsoft Windows that appears very infrequently, something like a glitch. Normally when it does happen to me on Windows when using an application, the program closes with a window similar to that error you see that asks you to send the error report to the program developer. Normally, I just ignore it.

What I normally do is simply restart the program and it all comes back to normal. What you can do is, send the error report as what the program wants you to do. This action requires your computer to be connected to the internet. Once the error report has been sent, that window closes and then simply restart the ArcGIS Desktop application you are using.

Continue using it and see what happens. Normally, if you’ve already been using this application constantly that error will not appear again until the next time it encounters a glitch in the system. Also, try updating your program to the latest if your subscription to ArcGIS still allows you to do it.

If you are using ArcGIS Pro, make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher.

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