Error for Access 97 on windows XP

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Hello all,

In my office we are all using a very old database system which is running on Access 97. Every system in the office is running windows XP and they are facing no problems with either Access 97 or the database.

I am using windows XP mode under windows 7 on my system and access 97 runs perfectly but all of a sudden I randomly get the error "disk or network error". This error won't allow me to open certain databases whereas others are working perfectly when a particular database is giving this error.

The screenshot of the error is attached below:

disk or network error

Disk or network error

OK Help

I just can't get to the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the system won't give me an error for days but sometimes it randomly appears for several times in a day creating a hindrance in my work.

I can still access other databases on the server and my network connection is fine. I have noticed that whenever I get this error the database is always working on a system running windows XP.

Has anyone else been using this software before as it is very old and encountered this problem?

Please help me out to fix the issue.

Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.


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Error for Access 97 on windows XP

Hi there Eliza M Waters,
Your problem sounds like a network connection issue. You mentioned you are accessing the files via the local network, so it is most likely that another person is doing something on the file and your server just can't handle all of the requests.
To give you the solution of your problem you should give me a bit more information about the server configuration, but I believe I gave you the good starting point – misconfigured server.
Also, I would suggest you to check the network cables as even the slightest interruption of service can cause the error you're getting. 
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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