Error (-6094,0) on opening QuickBooks

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When I tried to upgrade my antivirus software, I am receiving error on my QuickBooks software.

I could not open QuickBooks and when I am attempting to do so, I am receiving error stating,

Error: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to start the database server that manages access to the QuickBooks company file. Error (-6094,0).

What should I do next?

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Error (-6094,0) on opening QuickBooks



Actually this is the incompatibility of your Antivirus software and the quick book database.

Most commonly what happens is that the Antivirus software thinks that either two of the files or both of these files are some virus, the files are: qbdmgrN.exe and qbdmgr.exe.

The workaround for this issue is that, you first of all performs all the updates of your antivirus software, then, place these two files in the exception of the Antivirus. ( As you have not mentioned the name of your antivirus we cannot particularly advise as how to do this, refer to your AV help or document), preferably put the complete quick book directory in the exception of your antivirus for scan

Then open your Antivirus and check the quarantine folder, you will find both of these files in the quarantine, simply restore them to the original location. Then try to open the quick book, if you still get the error, then you have to perform the database recovery procedure of the quick book, like:

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Error (-6094,0) on opening QuickBooks


Here is what you will need to do to fix that problem:

  • You will need to update the antivirus definition to the latest antivirus definition. The one that you have installed is having incorrect signature files, and therefore the update will be able to correct the issue where antivirus that you are using unnecessarily detects QuickBooks as infected with a virus.
  • Once you have done that, you will need to restore the QuickBooks files that were quarantined by the anti-virus.
  • Or as an alternative, you can choose to repair the QuickBooks installation.

To update the antivirus that you have installed, follow the instruction below:

  • First you will open the Anti-Virus User Interface.
  • And then you will click on the Update now button in the user interface.
  • The latest update will be downloaded from the internet and installed.

Clair Charles

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Error (-6094,0) on opening QuickBooks


Thanks to Clair Charles and Phoenix team.

According to your reply, QuickBooks was put on exception list and Antivirus was updated.

Relevant files of QuickBooks on quarantine were also restored.
Now QuickBooks works normally after reboot.
More power TechyV!
Thank you very much again!

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