Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Polymorphic).vi:1

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When I run my LabVIEW program by using a DAQmx Read VI I will get an error stating that:

Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Polymorphic).vi:1

Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Counter ID U32 1Chan NSamp).vi:1

Possible reason(s): A

Measurements: Some or all of the samples requested have not yet been acquired.

To wait for the samples to become available use a longer read timeout or read later in your program. To make the samples available sooner, increase the sample rate. If your task uses a start trigger, make sure that your start trigger is configured correctly. It is also possible that you configured the task for external timing, and no clock was supplied. If this is the case, supply an external clock.


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Error -200284 occurred at DAQmx Read (Polymorphic).vi:1


Hi Richard,

As we all know that DAQmx reads samples from the virtual channels as per our requirement. Unfortunately some time error occurred during the procedure. Error – 200284 has its own meaning. It means that the DAQmx task is trying to read samples and have not been acquired yet. To solve this error you’ve to set the timeout as “-1”. Allow the system to time out then enter 0 manually into the frequency output.

I hope this will solve the problem.

Good Day.

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