Error 19 The media is write protected.

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I get this Write Error when I want to burn some files and it doesn’t matter what I want to burn the message is the same-the media is protected. Can anyone help me to fix this error please ? Is this error caused by me PC ?

Thanks !

Write Error

An error occurred when attempting to write data to handle.

Error 19: The media is write protected.


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Error 19 The media is write protected.


This error occurs when you try to burn data to a CD or DVD which can no longer accept data, either because it is full or because it is not RW (Re-Writable). RW media can have data burned onto it or erased in several sessions, while regular (CD-R and DVD-R) will not except anything past the first burning session unless you explicitly mark the option "Multisession" in your CD burning software. In all cases, the fix for your error is to use a new, blank, CD or DVD, preferably one marked as RW. If you do not use RW media, make sure to mark the option "Multisession" before you burn anything onto it.

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