ERROR : [-10052] The authenticate_user script returned 4000.

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My company has 50 employees working away from the office. They synchronize with our database daily and we have had no problems until two days ago. Now, whenever they synchronize, this error message appears in the record log:

ERROR : [-10052] The authenticate_user script returned 4000. I reviewed previous records and learned that it should “return 1000.” I am not sure what to do as I started work here only two days ago when the problem started. The employee I replaced left two days ago. Please advise me what to do and what is causing this error to appear. Thank you.

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ERROR : [-10052] The authenticate_user script returned 4000.


The error is being caused possibly by some changes that you probably made inside the login script, and therefore you will need to trace them and change them. I will suggest that you use sp_displaylogin to find to be able to find the procedure name that has that problem and change it accordingly.

The sp_displaylogin is probably inside the login script and therefore you should find it there, and then change the procedure name as I have already told you above.  Check also for changes in the logic of the expressions and syntax errors too, they might be responsible for the problem.

-Richard Gabriel

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