Encountered error while using LightRoom

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I was using LightRoom for the first time to process my photo images when I got this error message, see below. 

I have searched the web and found a lot but confusing resolutions. 

Can anyone from this site guide me on how to resolve the said problem? 

I hope you can give me a step by step procedure.



An error occurred when attempting to change modules.

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Encountered error while using LightRoom



I suggest you to delete your "previews" file catalog that you are using. This is what I've done when I encountered such problem. Deleting previews will force lightroom to render them all again. Try also to delete your preference files, for example (~/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Lightroom2.plist). T

his will help you fix your problem regarding lightroom. If these solutions won't work for you, then you maybe using older version of lightroom. I recommend you to update lightroom in the latest version. Let me know if these solutions worked for you. I'll be glad to know the result.

Have a nice day ahead.


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Encountered error while using LightRoom


Hey MattP,

You don’t need to reinstall LightRoom again.

Your Application Support has wrong permissions and that’s why Adobe LightRoom is not performing well.

Follow these steps:

1. Users,

2. User Name

3. Library,

4. Application Support,

5. Adobe,

6. LightRoom,

7. Select file “Get Info”,

8. There shall be a sharing folder and you need to ensure that you have full access/rights.

If you found you don’t have such rights, click right, enter your password for read and write option and enjoy those rights.

Your user files might be hidden so you shall remember that.

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Encountered error while using LightRoom



This error can be solved easily.

First of all, do an update to your Adobe Lightroom. From Lightroom, click Help >> Check for updates. Otherwise, download Lightroom update manually.

Also, you can try a different user account. Copy the Lightroom folder from your user account to another account: “[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/”.

Make sure that your account have reading and writing privilege to the following folder: “/Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom”.

If you have got any Nik Software plug-ins inside your program, uninstall them. If you don’t wish to do so, make sure that the plug-ins are on their latest version.

For more info, you may visit this Adobe KB.

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