EMCO Ping Monitor Free 4.7.3

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I have got the news of release of EMCO Ping Monitor Free 4.7.3.

What are the changes made to the previous version of this tool?

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EMCO Ping Monitor Free 4.7.3


Hi Nancyhernandyu,

The Ping Monitor is a tool for tracing the connections to hosts under the local network and internet.

New features in the Ping Monitor Free 4.7.3:

  • While monitoring, the pause actions are delayed until the process is set to on again and the status of your connection will be assigned.
  • The pause time will not have effects on the outage time and uptime
  • The entire enabled actions is viewable under the Host Details pane.
  • The On Monitor Start dismiss action will become obsolete and will be removed.

Resolved issues:

  • A potential SQL transaction error while logging
  • The Log structure on the Application is damaged after removing logged events automatically.
  • A potential error on resetting the monitoring statistics

Best Regards,

Amanda Morson

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EMCO Ping Monitor Free 4.7.3


Hello Nancy,

The following are some notable features in the EMCO Ping Monitor that you have mentioned:

  • Connection Monitoring and Statistics: The state of connection to the monitored host is usually detected when regular pings are send to it. In the event that the host does not reply during a particular number of times, then the application detects an outage and after that it will go ahead and update connection status on the main screen.
  • Configurable Event Handlers:· Application will enable you to register any custom handler do that it can be executed when connection to the monitored host will be lost or restored.
  • E-Mail and Tray Notifications: It is possible for you to get notifications about connection state changes and regular reports by different ways.
  • Customizable Application Settings: In case you have got specific requirements for executing of ping operation you can go ahead and change settings to tune up the application.



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