Email problem to many recipients

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I have to send emails to many different recipients. But I will need your help because I don’t know how to do that. One more thing, I don’t want that the receiver of the email will see the addresses of the other recipients. Is that possible? How am I supposed to do that? 

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Email problem to many recipients


You are allowed to send email messages in bulk recipients. This can be done by using webmail or email client. This is why email is cool, because you can send email messages to many recipient than the regular snail mail.

Using webmail

Log-in to your webmail email address
Compose a new mail
Type all email addresses in BCC – Blind Carbon Copy
After each email address, you need to type a semi-colon (;)
Or you click on the BCC button, then it'll display all email addresses saved in the address book
Select the email address where you want to send the message
Then click on Send button

This ensure that the recipient will not able to see who the message came from because of this Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) feature.

Using email client

Compose a New Mail
Click on BCC blind carbon copy button
Select email messages saved in the address book
Type a subject and click the send button
You can also type the email address and after each email address, type a semi colon (;)

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Email problem to many recipients


Hallo James,

For sure you can send mails to as many people as you want. With your email address box opened, you will need to click on compose message in whichever email service provider you are using; be it yahoo, google, hotmail or any other.

Then in the recipients address field, you will just the email addresses of the persons that you want to deliver the email message; you will separate the individuals email addresses with commas. But if the recipients are just a few people for instance two or three then you can use the CC and BCC field to send the email to the persons as an alternative to separating the email addresses with commas.


Lee Hung

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