Email Problem with Avast Antivirus

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Good day to every body !

I have a problem with my Antivirus and my mails. I have Avast Antivirus installed on my laptop and after the recent update that I made to it, there is a message appearing on each email I receive as follow:

Avast!: Cannot scan the message body.
Error code is 80004005.
Unspecified error

I am running Windows 98 SE operating system and MS Outlook 2000 SP-3,and my Avast version is 4 Pro. The attached error message comes up every time I send or receive e-mails through the use of Outlook 2000 SP-3, with my operating system.
So, Is there anyone who can help me.

Please help?

Thanks a lot guys.

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Email Problem with Avast Antivirus


First thing is that you are using too much old window. i.e. WINDOWS 98 which now a day lost its compatibility with the modern programs, so maybe this error is due to this purpose but I suggest you first if you can afford why not you try window XP or Vista or 7, and if you are unable to do it so other best suggestion is to reinstall your software and also check the internet security of your Antivirus software as there are also settings of internet which can sometime due to some errors or mistakenly changed due to this that error occur.

Try these things hopefully your problem will be solved


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Email Problem with Avast Antivirus


Your firewall settings are not allowing to open or work on your messages so in this case you can change the firewall settings. Be sure that you are not using two firewalls at a time. See your Windows firewall and your Antivirus firewall. You need to change the settings of one of them. To change the settings of your Windows firewall go to control panel and then to firewall here you can turn it off or you can set some settings also for this purpose.

Also check your antivirus program and its firewall if it has a separate firewall then make it unavailable and then check your mail program it may be configured now and receiving and sending mails. So your problem is solved. Also check any previous modification you make to your PC and set them to default. Change some of your anti virus program also to make it possible and I think your problem will be solved.

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