Easiest way to clone an old HD

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I’m  using a mac and I intend to use it for some time but still have plans to change by upgrading HD to WD 750GB black and gee 8 GB of OWC ram. I’m planning to upgrade because I need to have an increased speed whenever I’m editing photos. I’m planning to clone my old HD so that it will turn into a new one but don’t know what is the easiest way how to do this. Any ideas? Of course, this has to be bootable after I exchanged the HD for the old one. iPad2 also appeals to me because of its numerous applications with regard to photo editing and also because of the new iOS5. Editing using your fingertips sounds cool thru touch-screen editing and I’m intrigued how it is done! I wonder if the feeling of satisfaction is the same as when Photoshop are being plugged in and the filters are being played. It would sound great if I’m able to do both but because of the cost, probably it will just be a wishful thinking, as compared to just upgrading my Mac that will only cost me more or less 200 bucks only.

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Easiest way to clone an old HD


Hi Blakin,

You can choose 100 cloning softwares available on the internet and it's free, but you need to reinstall your Computer and not Cloning, because you have an conflict on your PC specification.Your PC1 and PC2 must be the same specification in order you to clone a program. The solution is to copy your old files and transfer it to USB/Harddrive create a back-up. Reformat your new PC and then transfer your old files to your new PC. This process really takes a lot of time but you don't have another options for this.  Make sure you have a back-up on your previous driver especially the motherboard before you install a new program on your PC.




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