Dust specks while printing a roland sc 545 ex

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Even while doing a maintenance clean i still keep getting dust marks on my prints.

Is there a way to prevent this.

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Dust specks while printing a roland sc 545 ex


Good day!

I have researched your problem on the internet and found three possible reasons behind having dust marks in printed pages. Most importantly, as you have already did some thorough maintenance of the printer, the problem lies in the printer or it’s components rather than environmental factors.

Cause 01: Leaking Ink

One of the most likely causes behind dusty marks all around the page is a leaky ink container/toner/cartridge. If the dust started showing around a new ink container/toner/cartridge was changed, it is almost certain that it is where the problem has started. On the other hand, even a completely good cartridge can start leaking ink after a while. Anyways, to check if the ink container/toner/cartridge is leaky, remove it and place it on a white clothing and place it there for a some minutes, then take it out and look for ink remains. If the cartridge is seeping out, I strongly suggest you replace it.

Cause 02: Defective Fuser

A printer’s fuser blends the ink to the paper during printing. If the fuser is worn out or damaged, the ink will not stick on correctly to the paper causing unwanted ink marks on the print. To check the integrity of the fuser, print a page then and rub the printed portion dynamically. If the turn out starts to become hazy, then the fuser is defective. If the fuser is defective, I strongly suggest you replace it.

Cause 03: Unclean Printing Path

After many printing cycles, some excess ink might be in the printer thus causing black smudges and spots on the paper. If this occurs the printer path has to be cleaned meticulously. I simply mentioned this because it can be one of the reasons but as you mentioned you thoroughly cleaned the printer there is a low possibility that this is the cause.

Hope this solves your problem!

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