What To Do If The Lexmark Printer Will Not Print.

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Printers are a tool to bring the computer data in hand. But if it does not print your images, texts and reports then there is no use of the machine. What to do if the Lexmark printer will not print?

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What To Do If The Lexmark Printer Will Not Print.


Problems resulting in no print:

·         Printer cannot be found.

·         It is not connected.

·         Error message stating problem communicating with the printer.

·         Error stating error writing to LPT1.

·         Nothing is connected to the printer port.

·         Paper jam error.

·         When the feeder is full, error states please load paper in the auto sheet feeder.

Some of the solutions:

1)      Check the cables and connections are proper. Ensure that there is a direct connection and no other devices are interfering.

2)      Unplug the printer. Again plug the power cord. Make sure that it makes a noise as sson as it is re-attached.

3)      If a parallel port is used, see that your computer is setup for the bi-directional communications. You can enable it by the following process:

·         Right-click on my computer.

·         Select properties.

·         Go to device manager.

·         Under ports click on the + symbol.

·         Search for ECP printer port.

·         Open the start menu and go to settings. Click on Printers.

·         Search for the Lexmark printer. Right-click and select properties.

·         Select the details tab.

·         Change the appropriate values and then click on Apply and then OK.

·         If this does not resolve the issue then you might have a hardware problem.

·         Issues with USB

·         Right-click on my computer.

·         Select properties.

·         Go to device manager and click the + symbol across the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

·         Search for Lexmark USB printer.

·         Click the + symbol and double-click on Inkjet Color Printer.

·          The next message tells you whether it is working properly or not.

·         If it I not then reinstall printer device software

4)      Interference of the software

·         Open start menu and type run.

·         Type msconfig and enter. You will be redirected to the system configuration utility.

·         Go to Selective Startup and deselect the Load Startup Group Items. Click on Apply and then OK.

·         Restart your computer.

The above solutions should resolve your problem. But if it does not, contact your manufacturer.

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