Dual Boot Linux and Windows 7

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No viruses on Linux make me want to learn Linux.

And I want to ask, systematic install 2 OS on a laptop how to do?

What are shortcomings compared to a laptop with a primary OS?

Because I want to learn Linux on my laptop, can all act with its Windows 7 OS.


Please help.

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Dual Boot Linux and Windows 7


First of all, let me welcome you to the world of Linux. It is great that you want to experience the wonders of this alternative operating system.

But let me give you some warning before you start. Installing Linux in your laptop will destroy your Master Boot Records (MBR). This is especially important to users with laptops as today laptops comes with a recovery partition. Without the original MBR that comes with your laptop, it would be very hard to access this partition.  

However, fear not as there are ways on the Internet to either backup your MBR or rebuilt a new MBR with access to the partition.

Alternatively, you can do recovery from the recovery disc that your manufacturer provides. If you are really desperate and your laptop is still under warranty, you could send it in as ask the service center to restore your MBR.

Other than this major disadvantage, the only other disadvantage will be the space that your Linux operating system may take. Still this is only a minor issue unless you are running out of disk space.

The next step would be to choose your flavor of Linux.  

I personally recommend Ubuntu as it is simple to install and use. Just follow all installation steps to the tee and you will be good to go.

One thing to take note of before the actual installation. During the installation process, the installation wizard will actually ask you where do you wish to install the OS.

I will strongly recommend you to install it on a different partition then your windows partition. In fact, you should create a new partition just for Linux. Space varies from distributions to distributions, but 30 GB is a safe bet.

Finally, if you just want to dip your toes into the waters of Linux, you could either try installing Linux on a Virtual Machine, or use off a live CD.

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Dual Boot Linux and Windows 7


Hi good day meaning to say you want dual booting LINUX and WINDOWS 7?

Okay example in your laptop you using LINUX?

To in-execute another setting of windows 7 >To install New Operating System or Windows 7

  1. Restart your computer press F2 or delete key to enter BIOS setup. SATA operation > changes it into RAID Auto > go to boot sequence > First boot > CD-Rom
  2. Insert CD installer of new Windows.
  3. Save and exit > YES.  Your computer will be reboot after reboot you will see in the screen Press any key to continue. Press enter
  4. Press enter for the new installation.


Don’t delete the old installation of windows, just continue by pressing ENTER.

Read carefully and follow the procedure during installation.

After the installation process your computer will restart, and in the screen you select the two windows > Press arrow up for LINUX arrow down for Windows 7 and Press Enter

Thank you and good luck.



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Dual Boot Linux and Windows 7


Needed to write you one bit of note just to thank you very much once again with the nice concepts you’ have discussed at this time.

With your tutorials I can have dual OS!


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