Dual colors for html background

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I have a personal website and I want it to have dual colors for html background. How do I do this? Is it possible to fix a bgcolor and then have a lighter version of it? Same hue? I want something "swirling"

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Dual colors for html background


Hi Laura, 

The best option is to manually create an image in paint or in any picture editing software and set it as your background picture in your HTML page. It will save you the time on finding the HTML code of the color you want and writing a long program code.

The code for setting a background image is:

<body background="image.jpg">

Hope this helps you! 

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Dual colors for html background


Hello Laura, 

I understand that you are looking for a dual html background, which would look similar to the background of msn, or other similar websites. Well, all you have to do, is to have a Photoshop software, or a freeware called GIMP, or even a paint software can do the job for you. 

Just paint the background image, with different colors (as you want), and you can use it as the website's background image. 

You have not mentioned about the CMS that you are using, if you are using WordPress 3.5 and above, you just have to use the select background image, and upload it. Otherwise, try below given code: 

body { background: url (linktofile.jpg) 0 0 repeat-x; } 

I hope the answer could be of some help to you, 

Cheers !!

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