Downloading Free Softwares from the Internet

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Is it safe to always download softwares from the internet? Is my system protected from any viruses or malwares or spywares downloaded together with the softwares?

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Downloading Free Softwares from the Internet



Unfortunately, It Is NOT always safe to download software from the Internet – chances are, if you have already downloaded a few, you have already picked up a virus or some computer infection without you knowing it. Some online scanning and precautionary measures will help keep you safe while downloading stuff from the Internet. Let me give you some tips:

  • Be very suspicious of any unsolicited advice to download something good or important. These “offers” often appear as ads or pop-ups, or spam e-mails with attachments

  • Never download a file from a source you’re not familiar with or you think is not trustworthy. Download only from known software companies such as Microsoft or Symantec

  • Don’t download something you don’t know about. Read the software description and recommendations carefuly

  • Have a back-up of your documents or system before installing. Its better safe than sorry

  • Maintain good practice of scanning downloaded files for viruses before opening them

If you can’t avoid downloading software from the Internet, It is always best to take some extra safety measures to protect and maintain the good health of your PC.

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Downloading Free Softwares from the Internet


There is actually no problem downloading different stuffs from the internet, as long as you have a reliable antivirus running on your computer then there should be no problem. It is also an advantage if your antivirus has a built-in firewall or is integrated with its own firewall that filters traffic coming in and out of your computer.

The Windows Firewall that is integrated in Microsoft Windows is not that reliable compared to the type of firewall provided by an antivirus though it can still block unauthorized outgoing connection that programs normally do. One of the best security software with a built-in firewall is Norton Internet Security.

It supports Windows XP [Home, Professional, Tablet PC, or Media Center] Service Pack 2 and up x86 only, Windows Vista [Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate] Service Pack 1 and up, Windows 7 [Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate], and Windows 8 [Professional or not] both x86 and x64.

But even if your computer has a protection, it is still not enough because there are times modern malware are able to secretly penetrate the computer. That’s why be very cautious in the applications you download and don’t download just any software that you really don’t need and especially make sure to scan each downloaded application.

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