Is downloading Avast anti virus free version enough for my PC?

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Hi everyone,

I newly bought Windows 8 and I don't trust or say don't like Mc Afee  internet security so I want to download Avast anti virus 2014 free version. But the problem is downloading Avast anti virus free version is enough for my Windows 8 or not? Please suggest me what to do.

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Is downloading Avast anti virus free version enough for my PC?


Hi Christa,

Indeed, anti virus is one of the most essential software that our PC must have. Like humans who need to have strong immune system to fight for bacteria and viruses that may affect our body to get weak and be sick, computers needs this mechanism too to maintain its smooth flowing functions. 

Windows 8 PC comes with a free anti virus called Mc Afee, this anti virus is also reliable in making your PC secured out of computer virus. However, this free anti virus of Windows 8 has an expiration date and will soon expire. You need to update your anti virus from time to time. 

Avast Anti Virus 2014 free version for a typical PC user, go beyond the things that is expected in an  anti virus, It focused more on security which of course lead to effective and efficient software to depend with. In addition, it also do not consume  big amount of space in your computer unlike any other anti virus software. 

Overall, it is enough for windows PC but you have to make sure to update it from time to time to ensure that no virus is getting inside your PC. 

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