Download Successful. Installation failed (Bundle ID’s don’t match).”

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I receive the error message "Download Successful. Installation failed (Bundle ID's don't match)." when using an application called AppFresh. This app scans my existing apps for available updates and if one is available, updates the app.

The error messages comes up each time I try to update one of my existing apps. Does anyone know what this error message means and how to solve it so I can use the app?

It’s a handy app once it works.

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Download Successful. Installation failed (Bundle ID’s don’t match).”


Hello Karamel,

Have you tried asking the developers just yet? Appfresh is beta software and therefore the developers will be so interested in knowing the bugs it is having so that they can make improvements to the application.

Basing on the error message that you are getting, it seems like the update that you have downloaded does not quite match the application in some way. You will therefore need to check the specifications of the application and then after that you can re-download the update putting in mind the specifications of the app, and see it that will help resolve the issue.




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