Download 16bit True Color Drivers

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Where can I download 16bit True Color Drivers? My monitor has a low screen resolution that’s why I’m looking for this.


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Download 16bit True Color Drivers


This problem is actually graphics card related. it can be solved by updating the graphics card driver.

You have not informed about your hardware configuration. So i can't give you the solution directly.

if you are using Intel motherboard with built-in AGP, you can go to the following link and download drivers for graphics.

If you have an external Graphics card, you have to download the driver form the official web site.

There are some others different sorts of solution which may help you to solve it.

the first one is "Windows update". If you are using windows 7 or vista, you will get it in the start menu. Go to the Windows update menu and update your computer. All necessary drivers will update automatically.

The second solution is a software which will detect the hardware on your pc automatically. After collecting the information. go to the web site of the hardware and check for the updated driver,

I hope these 3 solutions will help you in solving the problem.

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Download 16bit True Color Drivers


You don’t actually need to download 16-bit true color drivers for your computer if the image on your screen doesn’t display correctly. The problem is not really from your monitor or the driver installed on your computer but from the video card installed on your CPU. It is the main device responsible for displaying graphics and images on your screen.

If you are having doubts if the problem is related to the installed driver, the best way to solve it is to update your video card’s driver. You can do this by visiting your video card’s official website. The latest version of the driver for your video card’s model is always available there.

If you are using an Intel graphics accelerator, you can visit Intel Download Center to download the latest driver for your device. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can visit NVIDIA Driver Downloads for the latest drivers. For ATI video cards, visit Graphics Drivers & Software for different drivers.

For S3 graphics devices, visit S3 Graphics Download Drivers.

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