Do we follow any standards for the alignment of textboxes?

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According to the software development rules, we develop the GUI according to the user's requirement, and when we uses text boxes in forms we can have the 3rd option right as well.

Observe the 3 options carefully

Detect the reason or the error in this image.

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Do we follow any standards for the alignment of textboxes?


Hi Arun,

You are right when you say that in web design we have to follow the customer/user's requirements. Though when it comes to small details like text box alignment and the customer/user didn't indicate any preference then it would be up to you to decide. There are some guidelines to follow when designing a webpage or any other program for that matter but there aren't specific rules that you must have to follow. In this case there is a usual standard that almost everyone follows even though you do not have to follow this standard. From the three images shown, number one is definitely not done. The second and third images are used while the third is usually the standard to follow. Here are some links to other guidelines in web development.



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