Display Problem with Nvidia 8800 GTS Video Card

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To enjoy high quality graphics especially the heavy graphics video games I have recently replace my onboard video card with Nvidia 8800 GTS. My motherboard model is Intel Core 2 Due.

But after one week of good performance it is disturbing too much and I am getting the display problem. I have tried it on different slot but getting the same outcome.

But on other PC it is not showing any sign of the problem.

My PC is working pretty well after removing the video card.

Do I have a faulty motherboard?

What do you think is the main problem that doesn’t came to my mind?

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Display Problem with Nvidia 8800 GTS Video Card


Hi there, Mikki here.

Looking at your problem, there is one problem that could be causing it, the driver.

One thing you can try it to update your driver manually by going to NViDIA's site and downloading the latest driver for your video card then installing it or you can do it automatically using Device Manager, just right click your My Computer then click Manage then go to your Device Manager and find your Video Card, you can also try to determine if there is an error in the device.

Now update the driver and make sure it's connected to the internet.

Another possible cause is overheating; there may be not enough fanning on your computer for the video card.

I hope this helps you in your problem.

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Display Problem with Nvidia 8800 GTS Video Card


Hello there, Charlie!

Please follow these instructions to fix your computer.
Fix #1: One way to fix it is to uninstall any older display drivers and install the most recent one.
Some type of display driver has to be installed for the user to do anything. If a display card shows any kind of problem or error, you would need to uninstall the one currently on your computer, download the newest version, and then install the newest version. Any malfunction you have will most likely disappear.
It would be a waste of time to try to figure out why the display driver without updating the one you have. Also, if you have any other major problems, try to uninstall the one you have and install the new one. This can solve any errors with damaged installations. Even if the new driver is working, it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled again to be sure that the driver is installed properly.
However, every now and then you might find that a problem might be solved by running an older driver instead of a new one.
Lastly, be sure to always remember to uninstall the current driver before installing a different one. If you do not uninstall it first, then some may run into some major problems.
Fix #2: Install the most current motherboard chipset drivers
A motherboard contains various RAM expansion slots, CPU and a lot other devices. It also contains a various amount of chips that make all of the parts work together. The most important of these chips is called the chipset. A driver needs to be installed to be sure that everything located on the motherboard is working at full speed and consistently. The driver has to be updated every now and then to improve compatibility and stability.
Sometimes, when you install a display driver or other software updates (installing Windows XP SP2 particularly) have been known to cause errors with chipset drivers so that the driver has to be reinstalled to avoid crashes of AGP video cards and improve stability of expansion slots.
If the display card is not working right, you will have to update your chipset driver because a bad or missing chipset driver can cause all sorts of problems. Experts usually advise that you ""should install the most recent drivers"" but many people forget. It is relatively simple, and the problem can be solved accordingly.
I hope the advise listed above can solve your problem.
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Display Problem with Nvidia 8800 GTS Video Card


Hi good day.

I read your post I you’ve got a problem about your video card and you try it to put different slot, but getting the same out coming.

There is many option to fix this kind of issue first download the Video driver of your computer.


Before downloading look first the model of your motherboard, and kinds of Operating System that you use.

If you using different video cards tried to follow this steps;

There are three types of Video Card, AGP type, PCI type, and PCI-E type.

Five steps to fix this kind of issue:

  1. Check the connection of the wire connector.
  2. If it is not working? Check the Video card Pin and clean it by using pencil Eraser or any kinds of erase that you have, then insert your video card into AGP slot, if it is AGP type or insert to PCI slot, If it is PCI type or PCI-E type.
  3. Start your computer then insert CD Driver of video card into the CD-ROOM.
  4. Right click My computer > Manage > Device Manager > then find yellow color sign like Question mark > Right click on it > Update driver > click select the three option click Next > Next > after finish updating just click Finish.
  5. Restart your Computer.

Now you can use your Computer easily.

Thank you, hope its help



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