Directx Error With Battlefield 3

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Hello friends, I have recently installed the game Battlefield 3 on my system. I am using a high end system with Operating system Windows 7 64 bit.

I have started using AMD Catalyst 12.x with my game for a stable and reliable control of my graphic processing unit (GPU). Each time I try to connect to any server, I am met with a DirectX error on my screen. The screenshot of the error is follows:

DirectX Error
DirectX function ""device-> CreateTexture2D( &texDesc,
desc.subResourceCount !=0 reinterpret_cast<const
D3D11_SUBRESQOURCE_DATA*>(desc.subResourceData) : 0,
&texture->m_texture2d)"" failed with E_INVALIDARG: An invalid
parameter was passed to the returning function. GPU:: “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580”, Driver 28538



I have also formatted my windows and then I also installed a new one, but of no help. The same error pops up on the screen.

If anyone can help in this regard, I'll be really thankful.

Looking forward to your views



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Directx Error With Battlefield 3


This issue happens more commonly to users with older hardware or low memory hardware (GPU, RAM). The best thing to do would be to lower your graphics settings. This includes your resolution.

Another option that may help is to increase your VIRTUAL MEMORY. On Windows 7 you would right click “My Computer” > Properties > Advanced tab > “Settings” button under “Performance” > Advanced tab > “Change” button under “Virtual Memory”.

While it sounds like it would be a great idea to make this as high as possible, it can have negative effects if you make it too high. Try increasing it little by little to see if it helps at all. Note that Virtual Disk space is used on the hard drive to assist RAM.

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Directx Error With Battlefield 3


You first need to know if your computer can be able to run Battlefield and if you are playing this game, you need to ensure that you are running the latest GeForce Beta Driver. Another way that you can try is to click on the Windows icon and then type Run. Type dxdiag and select 64-bit. Lastly, try to set your graphics to high or low. To do this, go to Documents and then Battlefield. Click on Settings and PROFSAVE_profile with Notepad. Modify the GstRender.OverallGraphicsQuality to 1 or 2. 2 is the higher and 1 is the lower. Or just simply delete the whole PROFSAVE_Profile.

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