Direct X 12. What to expect?

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What extra will the Microsoft's Direct X 12 feature over the announced check list and rumours? Is it going to bring about an evolution in gaming? Will DX12 be compatible with the year old consoles(PS4 and XBOX ONE)? Is GTA V going to support the above mentioned version of Direct X? When are we going to get surprised by the features of DX 12?

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Direct X 12. What to expect?


Hello Joseph!

In the last few years multiple changes/advancements applied to generate a more efficient hardware that deals with graphics and rendering. DirectX 9, 10, 11 and now 12. These advancements made graphic outputs become more realistic and enjoying.

Here’s the best two (2) features what DirectX can offer.

1. Low-Level hardware Abstraction. This is one of the biggest innovation or improvement placed with DirectX 12. Make processes of video devices to accelerate and interconnect with other existing devices.

2. Draw Call Overhead Reduction. Games will gain more speed and will have lesser restrictions. More games will be compatible in any system due to this advancements.

Using DirectX 12 will give you avenue to save your money instead of buying new robust and expensive hardware.


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