Difficulty in establishing a LAN connection

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My main computer is connected to a router and cable. My second computer is a new Gateway with built in WiFi. When installed the antenna on it, I got internet without having an adapter. I have an embroidery machine than formerly we connected to the second computer with a serial cable. Since the new computer has only USB ports, we cannot do this.  

However, when we bought the emb machine, we got the license for a LAN connection. My manual instructs to connect the emb machine to a router with an Ethernet cable, then another Ethernet cable to my computer. It does not work. Can I connect the emb machine directly to the computer using an Ethernet cable and will it pick up the built in connection?

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Difficulty in establishing a LAN connection


Hi James Franklin,

Issue: new computer connects to the router and router to the modem via Ethernet cord (cat5).

In theory and in practice, this type of connection should work via Ethernet cord. The modem connects to a router via an Ethernet cord and from the router to your computer. This is the usual set-up of a networking most Internet subscriber if they do have multiple connections/computer to use at the same time.

The way I understand the scenario you have given, when it was set-up that way; your Internet did not work. Here are the solutions to this issue.

Type of Internet connection: DHCP

When connecting a new device, in your case a new computer to the modem, the modem needs to power cycle to recognize your computer.

* Power off the modem, connects cat5 cord to your computer and reboot the equipment. This should work proven and tested.

* If there is router involved; modem > router > computer.

> Do sequence power cycle, modem > router > computer. This should work also proved and tested.

Type of Internet connection : PPPOE

When there is a router involved, the router has to be set in bridge mode.

> Access router,, ask your router manufacturer what log-in you should use.

> Select automatic or DHCP on the type of Internet, this will set the router into bridge mode.

As the examples shown above, it this won't work give us feedback and additional information.

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Difficulty in establishing a LAN connection


If you connect the embroidery machine directly to the computer using an Ethernet cable, the computer may be able to detect it but it won't be able to make a connection since there's no DHCP server involved. Perhaps the reason why the Ethernet connection with the computer and the embroidery machine through the router did not work was because peer to peer connection was not configured on the computer.

Anyway, you can actually do away with the Ethernet cable and instead use a serial to USB converter cable. Some cables can just work when plugged in but some would require you to have drivers installed for it to work well. It looks something like the image below:

Ethernet cable and instead use a serial to USB converter cable

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