Difference between XP office andMS office

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Hello Friends,

I am a Windows administrator. I work on Windows Server as well as editing all the documents required for the project.  My client asked me to upgrade from XP office to MS office. I Googled for the difference between the boat but couldn’t get a clear idea.

I want you to help me and make me know the difference between the both applications so that I can use all the advanced features in MS office and also explain my client, if I am asked.

Thanks for the ideas.

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Difference between XP office andMS office



Microsoft Office is an office productivity suite for desktop application ideal for home use and office environment. The original version was Microsoft Office 2000 that contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Then comes next where the Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, and soon Office 2013.

Microsoft Office XP is an office suite for windows operating system. It was released on March 5, 2001. All the main features of MS Office are also in Office XP except that you cannot open the newer DocX format without the compatibility pack. For free compatibility pack, just check it out at www.microsoft.com. Aside from Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint – Office XP Professional includes Microsoft Access 2002, a database solution to store, access, and analyze data.

If I am to compare Office XP to Office 2003, there are more upgraded features to Microsoft Outlook in Office 2003. Microsoft InfoPath is also an added software application used to design and submit electronic forms.

I would definitely recommend you to upgrade your Office XP to Office 2010. Just type this in your navigation bar www.ehow.comthen type in the search bar “How to Upgrade MS Office XP”. I hope this will help you a lot…


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Difference between XP office andMS office


Microsoft is one of the world's largest software companies. The Microsoft family of software is diverse, including products that handle many different functions.

 Windows XP and Microsoft Office are two different programs made by Microsoft. Windows XP is an operating system that is characterized by what is called a "GUI", meaning "Graphical User Interface." The GUI allows you to point and click to accomplish what you want. While Microsoft Office is a suite of software applications, Microsoft Windows is like your operating system and Microsoft Office is a series of programs like Word and Excel and many more.

To understand how these categories of software differ, it is important to understand the functions and features of each.

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