Difference between JScript and JavaScript

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Hi to all programmer out there.

I really need your knowledge on this particular languages.

What is the difference between JScript and JavaScript?

Are they just the same?

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Difference between JScript and JavaScript



There is many differences in jscript and java script here is the details of  differences JScript is supported and shipped by Microsoft and just work best only on IE where as javascript was initiated by netscape and can work across all browsers consistently and you can work fast with it, jscript is based on .net, JScript syntax and lexical conventions are similar to Java in that both are derived from C. JScript was originally Microsoft's implementation of ECMAScript, which is more commonly known as JavaScript, though it is unrelated to Java.

Thus, users of Java and other C-derived languages will find JScript easier to learn thats why most of them use jscript, JScript  allows developers to use untyped variables, and can sometimes infer their type from their usage to optimize the compiled code. On the other hand, Java requires all variables to be typed.it can add properties and methods to objects in run-time, while Java objects always conform to their declared interface and jscript  global variables, something Java does not.


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