Difference between iPad and iPOD

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Hello there.

I've been really confused on this two particular gadgets.

My friend keep on telling me that she is going to buy an iPad.

Since I'm not that techy enough, I don't really know the difference between that one and iPod.

What's the difference between those two gadgets anyway.?

Sorry for being lame. Thanks.

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Difference between iPad and iPOD


Apple is the founder of both devices iPad and iPod. Both are very similar with their functions. Both devices have internet access facilities. But the difference is very impressible. Out looking, shape, size, weight, caring availability potentiality is very closer but a difference is there.   

The iPad acts as a media player but iPod touch is pocket friendly and can easily fit in your jacket pocket.

This means you can browse on the go without worrying it will fall. The iPad has better 3G connectivity than the iPod Touch. The iPad is more reliable since it has dual-core processor. The best feature so far with an iPad is the 3G connectivity even when you are not within your typical hangouts that have WiFi range.

However the iPod touch does not have this option which means you can’t browse unless you are near a WiFi hotspot.


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