Difference between global & local address.

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I have different type of address. My issue is about networking address. Actually I want to know global address & local address .I know about address, but can not separate global & local address . For my perception, If you use an example, then it very easy  for me.

Thank you for this.

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Difference between global & local address.


Dear Ahany

  • There are two types of addresses used in network. One local address, its use in LAN (Local Area Network) environment and they are the user defined IP Address like System Administrator locally assigned a IP Address to client for establish a connection between server and client.
  • Global address are used in WAN (Wide Area Network). One we make a site for any client and we need a domain for registration. Domain is a server lying any where in the world and when we purchase a space, we launch our website from there and domain give a global unique IP address to our website like And this global IP address recognize on WWW.
  • Local address only recognize in LAN but Global address recognize on internet world. We can give any global IP address instead of web site address into our internet explorer bar and our IE open that website, if that IP address already assigned to some website.

Hope you understand.



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Difference between global & local address.


I will site to you an example to further understand the difference between the two IP addresses- local and Global Addresses:

  • Ahany has two computers and are both connected to a router which is connected to the internet.

*ISP (internet service provider) assigned Ahany an IP address of





So when Ahany wants to connect to the internet using computer A or computer B the traffic is passed through IP address which is the global IP ADDRESS. In this case, the router acts as the gateway to the internet using global IP ADDRESS If one person from internet wants to connect with Ahany, they use global IP ADDRESS Now, router determines which computer the traffic is intended for whether Ahany uses computer A or computer B.

Ahany can however communicate between her two computers within her house using local IP address

As a conclusion,

Local IP address is intended to be used by other computers on a local area network (LAN), it is often called private IP address where you can communicate and exchange information within a closed network while Global IP address is assigned by the internet service provider and can be communicated with anywhere on the internet. Global IP ADDRESSES are unique and only assigned to a single computer or a device.

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