Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering

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Hello! As a computer science student I have often asked myself  the above mentioned question. Since the same principles are used in Software Engineering and computer science, what is the basic difference between a computer science student and a software engineering student? Why do we need software engineering? Isn't computer science itself sufficient to cater our problems?

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Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering



Both the concepts “Software Engineering” and “Computer Science” are inter-related but they are different to each other in few things. The basic difference between a “Computer Science” student and a “Software Engineering” student are as follows:

· “Computer Science” student only knows about the core concepts and technologies of the computer but a “Software Engineering” student knows all about the computer, its software’s knowledge, how to make webpage’s.

· “Computer Science” student does not have detailed knowledge in the C, C++, Java, etc programming languages but a “Software Engineering” student knows all about the programming languages.

· “Computer Science” student does not have vast knowledge in the software development but a “Software Engineering” student has all the knowledge regarding development of the software’s.

· “Computer Science” student does not hack any system development but a “Software Engineering” student can hack a system.

So, these are the few differences between “Computer Science” student and a “Software Engineering” student.


 We need “Software Engineering” because of the following points, by which:

  •  We get the knowledge regarding the models.
  •  To fully understand the complex interactive systems of the software’s.
  • Help us to identify that how to improve the computer information systems.
  • Help us to know how to manage the construction of the components of the information system.
  • We get the knowledge for ensuring the procedures for the continual testing.
  • Help us to get the knowledge for the maintenance of operational systems.


No, “Computer Science” is not sufficient to cater our problems because it does not give the full information about the problems. For getting the full information regarding the problems, “Software Engineering” is very important for these days.


Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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