Difference between C++ from C and C#

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Good day!

Im an Information Technology associate and I have tried C programming for quite some time already.

I have been wondering about what C++ and C# are.

What is the difference between these three languages?

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Difference between C++ from C and C#



C -Language: Its a mother language of  all programming language. C is a structural language. It is called code base language. It is preferable for make game program.

C++ Language:  It is a object Oriented Programming language (OOP). It works with Class and object .  Its has special Characteristics like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Constructor and destructor are call here. Memory manage is easy from C++ programming language .

C# Language:  Web base Programming language. It’s a server side scripting language. Its work with Microsoft Visual Studio.  C# .net is used to communicate with server and transpiration information with web browser and web server.

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Difference between C++ from C and C#


Here is a little background about C# and C++. C# is a widely used programming language that permits software developers to create user-friendly and secure programs that run on the .NET Framework. This programming language is used to build XML web services, client server, Windows client applications, database applications, distributed components, and more. The C# programming language is actually a hybrid or mixture of C++ and C programming languages.

C# is also an object-oriented programming language similar to Java designed to assist coders or programmers get better productivity when they are developing web applications. The C# programming language was created by Anders Hejlsberg in 1999 when he built a team to develop a new language which they originally called “Cool”. In July 2000, the project was finalized at the Professional Developers Conference and it was renamed to C#.

C++ is an older, high-level programming language that adds object-oriented features to its base programming language which is the C language. It is one of the most widely used programming languages when it comes to graphical applications that run in OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is also frequently used on embedded systems, software engineering, video games, and communications.

Among the heavy users of C++ are finance and healthcare industries.

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