Diablo 3 Features and Character Build

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I am very excited with the release of Diablo 3 and I already want to order a copy, but I want to make sure that I will enjoy this one as much as I did with Diablo 2. I want a few things answered? a. What are the main differences between the two releases. b. Is the new feature Auction House worth trying? Are there scammers? c. Are there main issues in the gameplay itself or in the game (bugs?)?

I'll be looking forward to playing the game!


Arthur Adams 

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Diablo 3 Features and Character Build


Hello Arthur,

You wanted to know about the release of Diablo 3. First of all I am telling you something negative with Diablo 3. Its appraisers are reducing day by day. From recent study its player has reduced to 50% of its old players which is much less. This game is a bit difficult from the Diablo 2.

Although it has positive differences like emphasis on Co-op play, Streamlined mechanics and itemization, abilities, crafting, questing and some others too. You may visit this address for further information.

There are some bugs in this game according to many users. Most of the users are disappointed at this game.

Hope you will find this information valuable.


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