NVIDIA OpenGL Driver is Crashing

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I have to build a shader (CG) intensive OpenGL program for my Master Thesis. The program is functional, and my codes compile without any issue. But when enabling some parts of the application, it randomly creates a display driver error. Though Windows 7 can recover, it destroys my program in the process.

The error produced is:
“NVIDIA OpenGL Driver
The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver and is unable to continue. The application must close.
Error code: 8”
If someone could tell me what these fault messages are about, or point me to someone (or somewhere) with the solutions, that would be awesome. The nature of this fault leads me to expect that the driver is only throttling.
Let me explain. Let's say that I have three blocks, A, B and C, to be encrypted in one shader. Streaming each piece separately will not produce a problem. Producing A+B, A+C, or B+C still does not crash the program. No error occur after executing it, but it breaks within 5 to 60 seconds.
This lead me to judge that the chip is getting too hot. However, I've been monitoring the temperature, and it never reaches that high. In fact, it crashes before achieving 60 degrees Celsius or lower on a GTX 460.
I don't expect anyone to finish reading this, but thank you for doing so. The software, by the way, is an animator and renderer that finishes around 20-30 passes for an individual cast. It mainly uses change feedback and RTT to displace assemblage between passes.
Everything happens in the shader coding. The standardized OpenGL just acts as a tube here for operating the shader programs. The shader that seems to be the problem uses more than 20 texture units, and relies on cypher in different antithetical files. I don't use a lot of conditionals and different jumps, but it does happen.
Let's not get into the specifications here, but if anyone wants to delve in my problem and have more questions, just reply here and I will be more than willing to answer it.
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NVIDIA OpenGL Driver is Crashing


Since you are using NVIDIA drivers on your computer system, then I guess you might have obtained the wrong drivers and that is why they are leading to the system to constantly crash.

Although the NVIDIA drivers are meant to be compatible to systems, you need to obtain the right ones that are supported by the operating system that you are using. That is why I will suggest that you do the following:

  • Check your system specifications.
  • And then you will go to the NVIDIA website and search for the right drivers using the system specifications.
  • Download them and install them.

After that everything should work fine.

Thompson Locker.

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