Device Not Recognized in other PC

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Why does my device not recognized when I plug it to other PCs?

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Device Not Recognized in other PC


Hey Freddie!

There are two methods to solve this problem.

Method 1 (Device Manager):

1. Right click on My computer, Select Properties,

2. Go to Hardware Tab and select Device Manager.

3. Here on the upper toolbar, click on Scan for Devices Button.

4. During Scanning, your windows will recognize your device.

5. Close the Device manager. and you are done.

Method 2: (Restarting):

If you are facing this error that your USB is not recognized, you have to unplug your device and restart your computer.

After 5 minutes plug your device again in the CPU and this time your windows will recognize the device


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Device Not Recognized in other PC


Hi Freddie,

Devices need drivers to be properly recognized by computers. You have to make sure that the driver for the device you are trying to use on a different computer is installed and up to date.

Also, some devices such as USB device must be plugged on a specific USB port. USB have different version such as 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0  that differs with the performance speed.

Another thing about USB devices and ports; if you are trying to connect a USB device on a USB hub, it sometimes causes this issue due to lack of power being supplied to all the USB devices connected to it.

And lastly, if all these things are checked and still the issue occurs, switch off your computer then unplug it from the power outlet. Let it rest for a couple of minutes just to drain the power out of the system. After that, plug it back in then power on your computer. See the difference.

Best Regards,

Fischarinta Cra

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Device Not Recognized in other PC


Thank you Tunacao_caaron1 and Fishcharinta Cra!

Your solutions are very much appreciated!

I followed Tunacao's steps in using the Device Manager to detect my flash drive.

And it worked!

Thanks TechyV!

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