Detailed Information About Antivirus Programs

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When was AVG Antivirus founded? Will Windows 10 come with a virus protection program? What are the some most popular antivirus programs for Windwos? Can we find free online virus scanners? What should be done to disable antivirus program in Windows? Do antivirus companies create computer viruses to make their business better?

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Detailed Information About Antivirus Programs



Antivirus is a special kind of program that is able to identify threats in real time. Some are free but most of them aren’t. Online antivirus are good but not trustworthy.

In order to have a good antivirus, it’s the best to contact AV Test. They test many popular antiviruses and their capabilities. This page describes the total summary of all antivirus programs tested.

The main aspects are protection and performance. Protection means protecting from any virus and performance means its speed and system resource consumption.

Windows 10 is still under development, and before the final release, it’s hard to say what’s coming with it.

It’s been a rumor that antivirus companies create virus for better business but that’s not true. Because now-a-days, every new virus determined is researched thoroughly by many researchers and the code of the virus could easily direct to the companies, making their reputation worse.

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