Description, Functions and Components of Wireless LAN

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What is wireless LAN and what are the components of wireless LAN?

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Description, Functions and Components of Wireless LAN



A wire-less LAN allows users to connect to the LAN wirelessly through radio transmission.

There are main 3 components using in the wire-less LAN.

They are Access point, PC card, PCI adapter and wireless router.

Access point:

The access point is a device that connects a wireless network to a wired LAN. It increases the effective range of a wireless network and offers additional network management and security features.

PC Card:

A wireless PC card allows laptop users to connect wirelessly to the LAN.

PCI Adapter:

Just as a wireless access PC card permits portable and laptop computers access to the LAN, a wireless access PCI adapter allows desktop PC users access to the LAN.


A router is a device used for sharing a single Internet connection across many computers. This is perfect in the home or office where multiple computers and devices can be online at the same time with only a single Internet connection.

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