Default printer is offline, why?

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Here is the problem to share , when I go to control panel and it says my default printer is offline I replugged it a couple times and tried everything else possible is it just getting old or is there something else i don't know?

Looking for an expert solution.

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Default printer is offline, why?



Printer status is offline means, this might set as default status. Also, might have no printer connected to your computer and or the wires might not be plugged in tight.

Here are the steps to change the status of your printer.
Follow these steps;

> Start, Settings, Printer & Faxes
> Right click on the printer
> Select Properties
> This will point you to the right direction, depending on what printer you have
> Advanced, then you may change the settings to your desired available time and or set to permanent always available

Now, you have the ways to change the offline status of your printer. It’s time for you then to try if you can print. Give us a feed back if it won’t.


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Default printer is offline, why?


There are so many reasons why your printer is off-line. First is the most and common problems encountered by computer users. A computer user sometimes doesn’t know that they have changed the settings of their printer. Most of the time users accidentally change the online status of the printer. This happened when viewing the printer spool or when checking the printer activity especially in windows XP. When the printer is paused, the printer is off-line; all you need to do is to right click on the printer then select available or online.

In some other ways and it is obvious, when the printer is not connected into your computer or not available on the network if the printer is connected into your network.

Shared printer can be offline too when the sharing computer paused the printer.

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