Decode error! Invalid or unsupported TIF file

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I decided to edit IPTC data on my laptop using InrfanView (v.4.25) as I do not have IMatch installed but now I can’t view the edited images using IrfanView or PS on my PC.

IMatch shows the images as thumbnails. When trying to open the images I receive error messages like “Decode error! Invalid or unsupported TIF file (IrfanView) or File cannot be opened due to wrong type of file (PS).”

Can someone help me solve this issue?

I really appreciate any help.

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Decode error! Invalid or unsupported TIF file



Hi there,

Actually the problem is with IrfanView version, this version you having is not supporting TIFF format fies and many complaints are forwarded to Irfan himself for this problem,

Apart from IrfanView now a days people are using XnView and FastStone Viewer for viewing and editing their TIFF format files.

Both can do several things that IrfanView cannot, e.g. FastStone can export animated GIF and save large JP2 images.

GIMP is also used now a day specifically for TIFF files.

Hope it helps!!

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