DBK error in BurnProject: 45 – movie encoding failed

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Hi experts

With the help of Photostory 8, when I am trying to burn a DVD, Continually I am getting an encoding error message.  Here is this:

(date) 078: Step 4 of 6, Creating DVD image…Error: 84F

(date)468: MDA reports error 0x84000fb4 – read file from source failed

(date)656: Step 4 done

(date)656: ERROR: PrepareDVDVideoFiles() failed with errNo 5 – encoding failed

(date)781: !!! DBK error in BurnProject: 45 – movie encoding failed !!!

I have also tried quite a few changes/adjustments to my photos, transitions, etc, but all the time gets the similar results. Then I have uninstalled it and again I installed Photostory but same results. I have fight back with this program for couple of weeks! Need your suggestions to solve this.

Please help.


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DBK error in BurnProject: 45 – movie encoding failed


Hello Doreth,

I have experienced that error before when burning files from one DVD to another and in my case the DVD I was copying the files from was corrupt. It had scratches and therefore the DVD drive was not able to successfully read the data on it. I highly suspect that is the same case for you. Otherwise other issues that could cause that error include:

  • The DVD drive of your computer may be faulty, and therefore you may need to check it and clean it up if dust has accumulated in it.
  • The application you are using to burn may also be having a problem. You might want to try and use an alternative application to burn and see if it will work.

Hope this helps.




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