What is low level format?

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My USB device is not working properly. It causes some error while formatting, seems like it had bad sectors? How can I low-level-format my USB?

Will this help removing bad sectors from it? Also, how can I define sector size during formatting?

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What is low level format?



Low Level Format (LLF) is the process of delineation of the tracks and sectors on the hard disk, and writing the control structures that characterize the tracks and sectors. This is called a "true" formatting; because it really can make the physical change and locate where the data is stored in the disk. Please note, when a company makes a Hard Disk, then it would be the first time they performed it from factory.

  • Yes, you can do LLF into your Flash Drive also. Please download HDD Low Level Format Tool from the link
  • You cannot do it during LLF. You can do it after LLF, when you will start partition on your HDD. At that time, you can define your own.
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What is low level format?



Doing a low level format will address some storage device issues like corrupt hard disk and bad sectors.

  • In order to format your flash disk through a low level format, you will be needing a software.
  • Please see the link to download
  • Or you may follow these procedures: plug your flash drive to your computer, then click start menu >
  • Right click My Computer > click manage > select disk management > select your flash drive then ;
  • Right click > Select properties > click Tool tab > click Check Now Button > Check all options, then ;
  • Click Start button.
  • After finishing scan to fix bad sectors, you may format your flash drive through Disk Management
  • or My Computer.


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