Cross platform code auditor software required

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Hi there,

I am a java developer. And as a java developer I work on both windows and Linux based workstations. One of the key process of software development is code auditing or a comprehensive analysis of source code to ensure proper operation and execution of statements without any major errors/bugs.

Code auditing is a very tiring and a very straining process to do it manually, therefore to ensure proper agile development I require a code auditor software that is available on both Linux and windows.

Thank you.

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Cross platform code auditor software required



Eclipse is the most popular editor for Java. The Code Audit functionality is now made available in Eclipse too.

You can find this plugin in the Google Code website. It is available for both Linux and windows and you can find it.

It is most comprehensive tool from Google as it provides various options for Code Audit. Following is some of vital features that it offers:

  • Dynamic code audit 
  • Generating Audit Reports
  • Fixes violations
  • Audit explorer
  • Set audit rules
  • Exporting the audit results

It is highly recommended plugin for Eclipse and I can assure it will make your Auditing phase more easier.

Hope this helps.

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Cross platform code auditor software required


If you are looking for Code Audit for Linux that is also available on Windows, click on the following links:

SlikEdit 2013: Code and text editor with complete set of coding tools and programming features. This editor is also multi-language that supports 40 languages on 9 Platforms.

Open AudIT: This is a database of infos that can be asked through the web. Data are added through Bash Script for Linux and VBScript for Windows. This is written in PHP, Bash and VBScript.

Aptana Studio – This is based in Eclipse with bundles of new tools that supports PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Phyton, and more.

You can also try Netbeans, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, xCode and more.

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