Critical Error on Windows 2003 Server

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Hi there,

This Critical Error appears on my Windows Server 2003 from Virtual Box. The program worked just fine until now and I don’t know what it appeared because I didn’t make any system and program settings changes. Does any have any idea about this error ? What is the solution for my error ?

Regards experts !

VirtualBox – Error Critico

Fallo al cargar la configuracion global GUI (interfaz usuario) de VirtualBox desde.

La application terminara ahora.


Receptor RC: e_outofmemory (0x8007000E)

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Critical Error on Windows 2003 Server


The Spanish message in the dialog box “Fallo al cargar la configuracion global gui (interfaz usuario) de virtualbox desde. La aplicacion terminara ahora” translates in English as “Failed to load global configuration gui (user interface) from virtualbox. The application end now”. Then below it in the text field, it displays out of memory which I think clearly states the problem.

If you are using VirtualBox on your Windows Server 2003, make sure your machine has plenty of memory that can handle the memory load of both VirtualBox and your main operating system. Since VirtualBox allows you to run and use multiple operating systems as guests on your main or host operating system, you should make sure that your computer is capable of supporting the memory requirements of all the guest operating systems you’ll be running simultaneously.

This means your computer should have a big memory to handle all the load of both operating systems. Shut down VirtualBox then restart the computer. Start VirtualBox again but don’t open other applications and see if this will work. If you received the same out of memory error, you probably need to upgrade the amount of installed RAM.

You need to increase it to support the guest operating system in VirtualBox. Adding more RAM to your computer should fix the problem.

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