Create a New Folder for Sent Items

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What is the best thing to do with the sent items folder in Outlook Express?

Is it possible to create a new folder and move the old sent items or will I just delete all those?

I already had 2 GB size of sent items and it was already full and the messages that suppose to be send goes to the Outbox.

So I deleted and recreated email accounts to have a new sent items folder but I want something that in a way would be easier to do.

Can you please help me?

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Create a New Folder for Sent Items


Where Outlook Express saves your email folders (New Folder for sent items).

All of these folders are stored on your hard drive, in a special location. Because that location may differ from user to user, we can find out where the email folders are stored. So do the following:

  • From the Outlook Express menu bar, click on Tools.
  • From the drop down menu, select Options.
  • On the options dialog box, click the Maintenance tab.
  • Then locate the Store Folder button, as in the image below:

Click the Store Folder button, and you'll see another box pop up.

This is the location on your hard drive of your emails and email folders. We need to copy this location.

  • Using your Right mouse button, click where it says "C:Documents and Settingsuser … " etc.
  • You'll get a menu popping up.
  • Click Select All with you Left mouse button.
  • When you click Select All, the location turns blue.
  • Right click on the Blue highlighted area, and select Copy from the menu.

Clicking on Copy will copy this location to the Windows Clipboard. It will then be available to other programs.

Now that we've copied the location to the Clipboard, we can come out of Outlook Express. So,

  • Click Cancel on the Store Location dialog box.
  • When you get back the Maintenance tab of the Options box, click the Cancel button.
  • Then close down Outlook Express altogether.

Locate the Outlook Express store folder.

We now need to open up the location we just copied. To do that, we can use the Run utility. So, do the following:

  • Click your Start menu (probably in the bottom left of your screen).
  • Then select Run, as in the image below:

When you click Start > Run, you'll see another box appear. If your Run dialog box has anything in the Open text box area, click inside of it and then delete everything that's there. You should then have a blank text box. To copy the Outlook Express Store Location, do the following:

  • With your Right mouse button, click inside of the Open text box.
  • From the menu, select Paste:

The contents of the Clipboard (our Store Location), will then be pasted to the Open text box, as in the following image:

  • Click OK on the Run box.

If you were successful, you should see a new window appear. This will show all of the items in Outlook Express's Store Location. You should be looking at a window something like this one:

Outlook Express folders end with the three letters DBX. This tells you that it is an email folder. All of your emails are stored in these folders. You now need to copy these folders, and paste them to that folder you created at the start of the lesson.

  • So, click the Edit menu at the top of the screen.
  • From the Edit menu, click Select All.
  • Click the Edit menu again.
  • This time, click Copy.

When you click Copy, your Outlook Express email folders will be copied to the Windows Clipboard, ready to be pasted elsewhere.

Saving your Copied Outlook Express folders.

To save your copied Outlook Express folders, you now need to locate the folder you created earlier. In the image below, we've navigated to the backup OE folder. This was created on hard drive called F (this is a second hard drive on this PC. So if the first one goes down, we'll still have all of our Outlook Express email folders on a different drive.).

Double click your new folder to open it up. Then from the menu bar, click Edit > Paste. All of your Outlook Express email folders will then be pasted to your new folder. You can then burn them to CD for safe keeping. Or save then to another hard drive, like we did.

Of course, once you've backed up all your emails folder, you need to know how to restore them if anything goes wrong with your PC. We'll see how to do that in the next tutorial.

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Create a New Folder for Sent Items



  • To create the new folder for sent items, click on the Add folder in the folder list and name the folder
  • Select from the create-in drop down list to add the folder
  • For ex :Choose the In box to add a folder for incoming items
  • Confirm appropriate selection and click OK

Select a folder to collect sent messages

  • The following procedure may be followed to select a folder to collect sent messages.
  • Go to Options menu and choose Mail box management
  • Go to Mail box settings choose sent folder in the drop down list and select the folder in which you want to store the messages
  • Confirm above settings.
  • To save the folder settings click SAVE
  • Saved copies of sent messages occupy space in your mailbox and count against your mailbox quota.
  • Choose the Preferences options and click
  • Scroll down the Appearance section and select the select the folder In which you want to store the sent messages from the sent folder
  • To save your sent folder settings click on APPLY.

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