Create an iPhone browser emulator?

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How do I create an iPhones browser emulator?

Do you know how?

Please help.

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Create an iPhone browser emulator?


You could do it using HTML, CSS and (a lot of) Java Script.

By this I mean you would basically use Java Script to handle most of the UI changes, and send off AJAX requests when the user clicks something or enters a new URL.

However, if you need it just for testing purposes I recommend downloading the iPhones SDK off Apple's Developer Site, and using the iPhones Simulator's version of Mobile Safari.


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Create an iPhone browser emulator?


I’m not sure if you can find a website that completely describes the process of creating a browser emulator for iPhone.

But luckily there is a person that manages to create a blog where it describes there how you can create your own browser emulator.

The emulator is designed for use on iPad and iPhone.

To achieve this, the first thing to do is to install WebMatrix 2. You can download it from. It is a tool for creating website and can also be used to easily maintain, create, and publish your website.

The emulators will only be available after installing WebMatrix 2 but you still need to install it. You can find it under Browser Extension.

You can only access this by opening an existing project or creating a new one and then clicking on the Run menu.

You can also install an emulator for Windows Phone but unfortunately it doesn’t work on Windows 8 operating system.

See for the rest of the instructions.

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